Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to your questions.

Q: Where can I find your phone number?

A: Our phone number is:

Royal Oak, MI 48038

Q: Where are you located?

Royal Oak Store

28966 Woodward Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067

ph: (586) 286-1277

Q: Why does chemotherapy treatment make me lose my hair?

A: Physically, your hair is made up of fast growing cells. Cancer cells also divide and grow quickly. The chemotherapy drugs you may be receiving are deliberately pinpointing fast growing cells and the body cannot distinguish the difference between a cancer and hair cell, thus the reason for hair loss.

Q: Since hair loss is going to happen, do I need a wig?

A: At A Woman‘s Image, we feel the decision whether to have a wig is your choice. The idea of hair loss can be overwhelming. Our suggestion is to let us show you your options and only you can decide what you will feel comfortable with. We can look at this a couple of different ways: Many women come into our shop and feel that a wig is absolutely mandatory while others come in and feel that head wraps, scarf wraps, and turbans will suffice.

On one hand we have had women come in and feel they had to have a wig, only to find that once hair loss occurred, they felt comfortable enough that they only wore their wig occasionally. On the other hand, many women who came in and thought they could get by with turbans and head coverings found that the wig they purchased was a lifesaver. Whether wearing a wig daily or occasionally, our suggestion is to have a hairpiece that you can rely on, almost like a security net, to make you look and feel great. Studies have shown that when we look good we feel good and at A Woman‘s Image we strive for that goal. With over 7 years of experience and helping thousands of women, we feel that we can provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.

Q: I have visited several wig shops and found that prices vary dramatically. Why is that?

A: The reason prices vary is based on the mode of construction and manufacturer.

Machine Made Base - Least Expensive
Mono-Filament Machine Made Base - Middle of the road
Mono-Filament Hand Tied - Most expensive

We at A Women‘s Image feel that not one particular mode of construction is superior to another. We work with you, assess your lifestyle and budget, and find what works best for you.

The Machine Made Base wigs have the most hair and are the densest. As a result, they typically are the heaviest in weight and can feel the warmest since a lot of hair needs to be added to "hide" the wefts/openings that are the interior of the cap.

The Mono-Filament Machine Made Base wigs are great for those women who want a very natural scalp look. In the late 1990s, a brilliant idea was born. Make the top or crown of a wig to look like a skin layer (doesn‘t sound very pretty), however women needing to wear wigs all of a sudden found that their hair looked natural and like themselves. The "mono top" gives the look like the hair is rooted and growing right from the scalp. Not only do these look great, they also are not as warm as a machine made base wig since they release the heat from your scalp instead of trapping it in. This wig is the perfect solution for someone that wants the benefits of the mono top but cannot afford the top of the line.

The Mono-Filament Hand Tied wigs are basically the Cadillac‘s of wigs. These wigs offer the mono-filament crown in addition to a hand-tied base resulting in the lightest weight wig on the market. Also known as hand knotting, the fibers of these wigs are hand sewn onto a mesh fabric that gives this hair piece the lightest density, the most breathe ability, and the absolute most natural look and feel. While the same style in a machine made wig can have a weight of 14 ounces, this mode of construction can offer the same look with a weight of 2 ounces. Most women say they feel like they don‘t even have a wig on their head when wearing this style.

The above descriptions have all been based on synthetic fiber wigs. The same modes of construction are offered in Human Hair Wigs

Q: Would I want a Synthetic Hair Wig verses a Human Hair Wig?

  • Synthetic wigs are great for these reasons:
  • The "look" is locked in. Synthetic fibers have memory which means you can wash & wear. If your hairpiece has curl or a wave pattern, it will always be there even after many washings.
  • Price. These wigs are definitely more affordable than human hair wigs, ranging in price from $125.00 - $425.00.
  • Style. Honestly, if you have a short style, you'll be much happier with a synthetic wig. It's much less fuss than a human hair wig.
  • Synthetic wigs are not great for these reasons:
  • Heat. Unless you're buying a heat resistant synthetic wig (which some manufactures do provide) you can't cook, grill, or go near a bonfire. Synthetic wigs are actually a form of plastic called Khanickuline which will melt.
  • Style. The heat issue comes up here again. No blow dryers, straighter, curling irons, or hot rollers. But keep in mind, if you liked the original style, you don't have to fuss with it to make it look different. That "look" will always be there.
  • Color. Since it's a synthetic fiber, no chemicals can be added to change the color.
  • Friction Frizz. If your style is shoulder length or below, the fiber of the hair against the fiber of clothing rubbing against each will cause friction frizz. It will look like singed hair and have a matted look. Unfortunately, you really can't wear a hat, head band, barrette, or any other type of head covering on a synthetic wig either. Sometimes we can help by cutting the "damaged" hair away and/or conditioning the fiber to relax it.
  • Human Hair Wigs are great for these reasons:
  • Touch. They offer the feel and movement of real hair. The human hair wigs we carry are typically human Remy hair which is the top of the line, most natural fiber available.
  • Color. You can have this wig chemically treated for either color, high lighting, curl patterns produced by perms.
  • Heat. This fiber is treated like your own hair so you can cook, blow dry, or curl this wig.
  • Friction Frizz. For our longer haired gals, typically shoulder length or longer, this is really the best option. The fiber continues to look healthy. There will be no friction frizz in wearing a hat over your hair, pulling your hair back in a ponytail with clips or hair ties, or any other head coverings you would like to try.
  • Life. Typically, human hair wigs will result in a longer lifespan depending on the usage. We have had gals wear their wigs every day, all day and even after repeated styling methods on a daily basis, the wigs have lasted longer than a year.
  • Lace Front Wigs. These human hair wigs with a lace front, monofilament and hand tied wigs are ideal for women who like to wear the hair off their forehead. Our licensed cosmetologists can cut the lace front to mirror a natural hair line eliminating the "wig line look" that many synthetic wigs reveal.
  • Human Hair Wigs are not great for these reasons:
  • Price. Human Hair wigs start at $600.00 and go up from there. Our price range is typically between $600.00 and $1500.00 depending upon manufacturer.
  • Styling. Unfortunately, human hair wigs are exactly like our own human hair. So when we wash it, we have to blow dry and style it, so there is a bit more work involved.


Q: How are your services different than other wig shops in the area?

  • Our hearts desire is provide our customers with the best products and services at the best prices.
    At a Woman's Image We feel the following is what sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Experience. Stacy Ecker, licensed cosmetologist and co-owner has over 7 years of experience exclusively working with wigs thus providing women with a wealth of knowledge to find just the right hair piece. This includes color and style consultation that is second to none.
  • Price. We are very sensitive to the challenges that are going on in your life. We opened our store vowing to never take advantage of women either financially, emotionally or intellectually while you are in a vulnerable state of mind. Other stores may "push" you into a product, making you believe you will need it through your course of treatment. We feel it's our job to educate you to product availability and while we may make suggestions, ultimately the final decision is yours.
  • Wig Care Kit. Not terribly expensive ($20.00 - $30.00 depending on whether synthetic or human hair), however we feel a must in properly taking care of your wig. We feel strongly that you possess this kit: shampoo, conditioner, wig stand and brush for two reasons. You, the customer and us, the provider. Many women are very apprehensive the first time they have to wash their wigs. With this in mind, we know that if you were have the correct products to care for your wig, you will feel confident and in turn, we will feel confident that in using these products, the life span of your wig should be at its fullest.
  • Consultation. There are many stores that charge a consultation fee which is applied to the price of the wig with purchase. Our consultations are FREE whether we spend an hour or two trying wigs on to help you achieve the look your after. We feel we wouldn't be doing our job if after getting to know you as a person; your career, your illness, your family, your hair needs. All of these make you who you are and we feel we can provide you with every option available.
  • Education. From beginning to end. From making sure your wig is on your head correctly to caring for your wig, ensuring a long life, we spend that time with you so you feel confident.
  • Custom Fit. Even though wigs are available in petite, average and large cap, each persons head shape is different. The shape of our heads dictates how we fill the interior of the cap of the wig. If there is a bubble or gap, we sew the wig so it fits your head exclusively providing you a natural look in addition to a great feel.
  • Compassion. We left this one for last since it's pretty important to us. When you walk through our doors looking for answers we know you're not feeling the greatest. Stacy Ecker has a heart of gold. She treats all of her customers with professionalism and is compassionate to their specific needs. Lee Nieman, licensed cosmetologist can totally relate. A 6 year cancer survivor with total hair loss due to chemotherapy, she knows what you are going through. She shares many laughs and tears while supporting you and your needs.

    Schedule Your Appointment Today! Let us help you feel and look great!



Q: I am not going through chemotherapy, but instead have alopecia or hair thinning. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! There are so many reasons our hair thins: stress, thyroid disorders, and side effects of medicine. Just as fitting a wig for a customer that has total hair loss due to chemotherapy, we find your needs just as important. We will listen to your specific requirements and find solutions that are unique to you.

With over 12 manufacturers that we have access to, we are confident we can find a wig, wiglet, top piece, enhancer that will make you look your best.

Q: I would like to come in and look around. Is an appointment necessary?

A: A Woman's Image would never insist you have an appointment if you don't feel comfortable with that. Yes, you can come in and look around, however as we work by appointment and we typically allow 1 - 1 1/2 hours for a consultation, we can't guarantee you will be able to try things on.

We feel very strongly that as each one of us is unique - no two alike - we treat each customer special. We realize that each one of us has specific needs and we would feel we could not meet those needs unless we are talking to you one-on-one. The only thing an appointment will cost you is your time and even if you don't see something you like, you will leave a more educated customer regarding your hair.

Q: Okay, I picked out the wig I like. Now what?

A: Our appointments are set up in two sessions. The first one is picking out the wig and the second is what we call the final fit. Once your hair starts to fall out, you may choose to come in and have our licensed cosmetologist shave off your hair and then custom fit your wig to your head.

A Woman's Image feels that decision should be made by you. Many women don't want the constant reminder of shedding hair so they will have us, in a private room, shave their heads. They then can walk out of our boutique feeling confident, pretty and satisfied. If you would like, we also provide a scalp massage at this time. As the hair is coming out, the scalp can sometimes be sensitive to the touch. We ask you how your scalp feels and if appropriate will do a warm cleansing and massage.

Q: I have heard insurance sometimes pays for my wig since I'm going through chemotherapy. Can you help with the paper work?

A: We encourage you to call your insurance company and find out if you have coverage for a wig or "cranial prosthesis" as insurance companies define it. The CPT code is A9282. When calling the insurance company, they usually will ask for your diagnosis code and the CPT code. Your doctor will write a prescription or letter of medical necessity for your wig. On the prescription the doctor or nurse will usually write down the 4 digit diagnosis code, example for breast cancer is 174.9. The prescription should read: "Cranial prosthesis needed for chemotherapy induced alopecia".

Please keep in mind that even if your doctor writes a prescription, that doesn't mean your insurance contract provides coverage. Medicare never allows for a wig and we understand your frustration when you come in with a doctor's prescription, only to be told your wig is not covered. If you do have coverage, we will facilitate all your paperwork for you electronically so that you will have reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Q: My skin is so incredibly dry from the chemotherapy. What would you suggest?

A: We carry two lines of skin care products. Lindi Skin is specially formulated for chemotherapy and radiated skin. It was developed by doctors who specifically know the changes that your skin is going through. Their moisturizer lotions are superior in keeping your skin hydrated.

They even have a cooling pad for radiated skin that is covered by Medicare. This pad is made of aloe vera and ? and is very calming and soothing for your skin. We also carry Arbonne International. This is a Swiss, botanical based product containing no mineral oil allowing full absorption to every layer of the epidermis. This product has yielded fantastic results for many. Visit their websites to learn more.


Q: I had lymph nodes removed and my doctor said I may develop lymphadema. What is that and do have any products that will help me?

A: Lymphadema is a swelling of the arm or breast due to an accumulation of lymph fluid that occurs when lymph nodes are blocked or removed. Not to be alarmed; this condition occasionally happens. One way of preventing lymphadema is to be measured for a lymphadema sleeve.

We strongly feel every woman should have a sleeve if they are traveling via an airplane. The pressure changes in flight can cause the lymph fluid to change and hopefully this condition can be prevented by wearing a sleeve 1 - 2 hours both pre and post flight. Medicare does not cover these garments, however most other insurance companies do. For an in-stock sleeve, the price is typically $65.00 - $75.00 and a custom sleeve is approximately $175.00 - $200.00. We carry both Juzo and Jobst manufacturers.

Q: Since undergoing chemotherapy I have had hot flashes non stop. Are there any products that can help me get some relief?

A: A Woman's Image encourages you to talk to your doctor to find relief by drug use, herbal supplements or topical estrogen creams. We do have hot flash apparel that may help you get a better nights sleep. These pajamas wick the moisture away, instead of absorbing it, thus keeping your clothes dry. It's like wearing a worn, old t-shirt that is soft and lightweight. The difference is t-shirt material absorbs moisture and gets soaking wet.

These pajamas allow your body to evaporate the moisture before absorbing it. We carry Wildblue and Nite Sweatz brands. The Nite Sweatz brand also has underwear and tank tops that can be worn under your day clothes that work by blocking absorption to your outerwear clothing.

Q: I have young children that may not understand the changes that chemotherapy is going to do to my body.

A: We carry the Kimmie Care doll which has a wig on it. The dolls help children to understand that it's going to be all right if their mom or grandma loses their hair and has to wear a wig or hats. These dolls come in various ethnicity.

Q: I can't afford a wig and I don't have insurance for a breast form and bra. Can you help?

A: We are recommended by the American Cancer Society as a location for donated wigs, breast forms and bras. Many people will donate these products once they don't have a use for them.

We wash them and put them in our donation bank. You are more than welcome to see if something will suit your needs and take it for free. Please keep in mind that we are limited to what's provided to us, so we may not be able to match your color, style or size, however we will try our hardest to get you into something that will work.

Q: What type of insurances do you participate with?

A: We are participating providers with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPOM, St. John's Smart HealthPlan, and HAP PPO. We will facilitate all your paperwork for breast forms, bras and wigs (if covered).

If possible, please bring your prescription with you. If you don't have one, we can always call your physician and have one faxed to us.

Our fax number is 586-286-1207.